CLACPI was founded in 1985 and is currently the largest collective of indigenous filmmakers in Latin America. They promote the use of media as a tool of cultural affirmation and social transformation for indigenous communities. CLACPI produces and disseminates audiovisual materials about indigenous cultures and other issues of interest for their collective organizations. They also focus on grassroots media training and workshops to promote agency and self-representation among indigenous communities.

Highlights of the program include an indigenous film showcase curated by Nelly Kuiru Castro, Norma Rocío Gómez Semanate, _________________ (still waiting for more names).


All events will be held at NYU KJCC

Monday, April 15

Tuesday, April 16


Rocío Gómez Semanate

Rocío Gómez Semanate

Passionate about the art and culture of the Kitu Kara people, Rocio holds a position as Coordinator and General Producer of the "WarmiCine" project, a creative laboratory for women, as well as MuyuyCine, an audiovisual seedbed carried out in various Ecuadorian locations. Both training and audiovisual production processes seek to weave, complement and highlight the presence of Indigenous Peoples.

Rocio has been the recipient of several accolades as cultural manager for the promotion of cinema and audiovisuals at the national level, as well as recipient of municipal participatory funds with interdisciplinary projects. She has also been the recipient of national recognitions such as the Mushuk Nina award for the contribution to the peoples and nationalities with audiovisual art and the Municipal Recognition of Quito for the contribution to the development of culture.

Among her audiovisual productions, "Somos pueblo," "Trenzando vida," "Manuela 1945," "Kitu Kara," and "La Yumba" stand out. Rocio’s works are the result of a process of formation and identity reflection surrounding the presence of the Kitu Kara people and their practices as urban indigenous people in the capital of Ecuador. She has worked as field producer and presenter of the television series “Ecuador Ancestral” and the feature film from Esmeralda “Semillas de Lucha.” Co-director of several indigenous film festivals and exhibitions such as the recent FIC CLACPI Ecuador 2022. Social Communicator, Visual Anthropologist and cultural manager, scriptwriter, filmmaker, audiovisual producer and popular trainer, ancestral dancer and cultural activist.

Nelly Kuiru

Nelly Kuiru
Nombre Tradicional: Moniyango (Árbol de la abundancia)

Nelly belongs to the Murui-M+n+ka (Uitoto) indigenous people of La Chorrera (department of Amazonas, Colombia). In 2019, she graduated as an indigenous communicator with an emphasis in audiovisual and radio media at the School of Indigenous Communication of the Macro-Amazon "Ka+ Jana Uai" (The Voice of our Image). In 2020, she completed higher studies in Film Direction and Audiovisual Media (Elíseo Subiela National School of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts. Buenos Aires, Argentina). From 2012 to 2021, she was the National Commissioner for Communication of the Indigenous Peoples of the Macro-Amazon of the ONIC (National Indigenous Organization of Colombia). She is co-founder of the National Communication Commission of the Indigenous Peoples of Colombia (CONCIP), co-founder of Ciber Amazonas (Network of Women Communicators of the Amazon Basin) and co-founder of the Pan-Amazonian Network of Indigenous Women Communicators. She is also the founder and coordinator of the first Indigenous Communication School of the Colombian Amazon ("Ka+ Jana Uai" / La Voz de Nuestra Imagen-). Founder of the first association of indigenous women in the department of Amazonas (Nimaira-Amazonas). Responsible for the negotiations with the Government of the Republic of Colombia, together with other representatives of the Indigenous Organizations, for the creation of the Public Communication Policy of and for the Indigenous Peoples of Colombia and the National Television Plan.

Since 2022 she has been a tutor in training processes in audiovisual mediation and audience creation (Proimagenes & Mincultura). She is also an advisor to the Department of Research, Information and Communication Systems of the ONIC (National Indigenous Organization of Colombia). Recently, she has been appointed as General Coordinator of the Latin American Coordinator of Cinema and Communication of Indigenous Peoples (CLACPI).

Nelly is director of the short film entitled "RA" (Plant of wisdom to balance the world) that was part of the television series "El Buen Vivir" for Canal Tr3ce. This work was screened at the FICCI (Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival) and nominated for the India Catalina Awards of the Colombian Audiovisual Industry in 2020. In that same year she was the director of the short film entitled "Mujeres Umari. Weavers of stories and knowledge” for the television series “El Buen Vivir” on Canal Tr3ce. Director, in 2021, of the short film entitled "KIYEDECAGO" (Woman with the sweet pineapple) for the Tr3ce channel. In that same year she was the director of the short film entitled «Yarokamena. La resistencia” which was screened at the FICCI (Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival) / FICCI Interruptus. Director, in 2022, of chapter 3 / short film entitled "Ka+ Jairag+ma Iga+" (Ancestral ties) for the television series "El Buen Vivir" on Canal Tr3ce. Over the last 20 years, she has worked for multiple important production companies, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Discovery Channel, BBC London, as well as for various national channels and production companies in Colombia (Señal Colombia, Canal Tr3ce, Atarraya films, Negrita films, Endémica studios, Caracol TV…). She has been a field producer for different international events, among which includes the BAM (Bogotá Audiovisual Market) Amazonas.

Gustavo Ulcué Campo

Gustavo Ulcué is Nasa from the Canoas Indigenous Reservation in Santander de Quilichao, Cauca, Colombia, with vast experience in communication, research, participation and action processes of and for Indigenous communities as well as other social sectors. He has contributed to the development of mechanisms for collective meetings and exchanges on the governance processes of ethnic peoples, such as assemblies, workshops, mingas, community work, and rituals, among others. He was a co-founder of the Communication Network of the Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca, coordinated the communication program of the Association of Indigenous Councils of Chocó, and advised Indigenous communication programs in the Córdoba and Nariño departments.

From 2013 to 2019 he was the director of the Daupará Indigenous Film and Video Festival, and a jury member of the 2013 CLACPI International Indigenous Film and Video Festival. He was part of the team that built the Policy Public Communication of Indigenous Peoples and the National Unified Indigenous Television Plan of Indigenous Peoples, formalized in 2017. He directs audiovisual productions for television, including Luna de Verano (2022) and Flute and Drum, for the series Territorios y Voces Indígenas (CONCIP - Canal Trece, season 01 of 2021 and season 2 of 2022); Guerrera Ancestral (financed by the Truth Commission for FICCI Interruptus 2021); Kwesx Dxi'j (Señal Colombia, 2019); the series Somos Originarios (Capital Channel, 2018); Ya'ja (Señal Colombia, 2018); Yu' Luuçx (Señal Colombia, 2016), in addition to another 20 productions with organizations and peoples at the national level.

Local Organizers


Amalia Córdova, Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

Emily Uruchima, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

Angela Carreño, NYU Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies


Eric Silberberg, Queens College, City University of New York

Sandy Enríquez, University of California, Riverside

David Scheckel, The Graduate Center, City University of New York